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Asset management

Asset management

Asset management

Our independence allows us to offer tailor-made solutions, built using our in-house management tools to optimise returns while limiting risk.


Our expertise ranges from fund, equity and bond selection to the construction of structured and alternative solutions.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our discretionary portfolio management services are designed for investors who wish to delegate control of their investments. With our discretionary service, an investment specialist works closely with the client to create a portfolio tailored to his individual needs.


Our discretionary portfolios, invested in a wide range of financial assets, have an excellent track record since inception. Our independence gives us the flexibility to seize market opportunities by combining fundamental and technical analysis.


Minimum of 90% of fixed income securities (cash, bonds, money market funds, alternative cash products) and a maximum of 10% equities.


Minimum of 65% of fixed income securities and a maximum of 35% equities.


Minimum of 60% of fixed income securities and a maximum of 60% equities.


Freely managed, without constraints. Investment opportunity: 100% in equities.

Advisory management

We offer sound advice to our investor clients who prefer to keep their financial portfolio under thiery control to grow their wealth.


  • Advice on asset allocation
  • Strategic proposals
  • Tailor made investment recommendations
  • Direct asset monitoring

Financial Ingeneering

The management of a private portfolio can be done through a simple personal account or through a more complex legal structure that is more adapted to the tax and family environment.


We offer advice on the setting and the management of these wealth vehicles:

  • Luxembourg life insurance contracts
  • Capitalization contracts
  • Family foundations
  • Trusts
  • Dedicated funds

Prior to any implementation, we have all these solutions validated by specialists in civil and tax law, who will then, if necessary, proceed with the creation and administration of these structures.

Alternative investments

With falling bond yields and volatile financial markets, it became clear to us that new alternative investment models were needed.

  • Structured solutions:
    Our knowledge of the financial markets and our commitment to meeting the tailor-made needs of our clients allow us to offer a wide range of structured solutions. Mag Asset Management SA acts as a distributor of these products issued by high quality banks.
  • Private debt:
    We also offer a simple hybrid investment solution to use the financial markets to invest in the real estate market. We structure real estate transactions by selecting excellent assets in liquid markets.
    Each deal contains a real collateral backing while offering excellent returns. These investment alternatives are sound, controlled, diversified and based on good fundamentals.